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“A delight to watch. Witty, philosophical, moving and fun – the shows face forward and ask us what kind of future we want. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!”

Allie Kerr


Infinity Box Theatre Project uses the power of theater to pose questions about the human consequences of science and technology. Combining quality story telling with quality conversation is our way to provoke and foster a deeper and wider conversation about the important questions and choices that scientific discovery and technological innovation increasingly present us.

Thought Experiments on the

Question of Being Human:

Memory and Identity

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This year we asked the Thought Experiments audience a number of questions, before and after the plays. They answered by placing a mark in what they thought/felt was the appropriate place on a long rectangle. What we have here is everyone’s answers to each question, superimposed on the same rectangle - in effect, the spectrum of the audience response as a whole.

The first question we asked was simply, “Are you here mostly because it’s theater or because it’s about science?”

Their response looks like this.

Theater                                              |                                              Science

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