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Psychlotron 21

Smashing ideas together, just to see what happens.

Join us at St. Andrew’s on Monday, July 22nd for the 2nd of our special episodes for 2019 -

"Relatively Speaking" – where our speakers are related, but what they talk about still isn't.

Featuring Anthea Carns - Playwright and Dramaturg

and Regina Carns - Data Scientist and Astrobiologist  

What will our Psychlotron Sisters talk about? That's their secret

- even from each other.

It’s the smartest fun you’ll have all week.

“Saving the world through science and theater”

Infinity Box Theatre Project uses the power of theater to pose questions about the human consequences of science and technology. Combining quality story telling with quality conversation is our way to provoke and foster a deeper and wider conversation about the important questions and choices that scientific discovery and technological innovation increasingly present us.