Our Mission

At Infinity Box Theatre Project, we believe that the fundamental question of this century is, “What does it mean to be human?”

Science is already having enormous impact on this question in two ways. First, we are learning things about the universe – and about ourselves – that call into question many longstanding assumptions about who we are. Second, this new knowledge has enabled us to make and do things that change us and our relationships with the world around us.

At Infinity Box Theatre Project, we are committed to using the power of theater to pose questions about the human consequences of science and technology. We provide a catalyst for conversation about what it means to be human in our rapidly changing world by

developing new plays – both original scripts and adaptations;
producing existing science plays;
and re-interpreting classic plays.

With every performance we invite the audience to engage in conversation in response to their experience. Combining quality storytelling with quality discussion is our way to provoke and foster a deeper and wider conversation about the important issues and choices that scientific discovery and technological innovation increasingly present us.


Why Science and Theater?

The pairing of Science and Theater is much more natural than it might first appear.

Physics is the most fundamental science. And what is Physics ultimately “about”?

It’s about Relationship. Physics is usually defined as the study of “matter and energy.” And every form of energy – including matter itself – is ultimately defined in terms of a relationship of some kind. In some way Relationship lies at the root of every branch of science.

Ask the same question of Theater and we get the same answer. What is Theater ultimately “about?”
It’s about Relationship.

Infinity Box is about exploring the many relationships that arise when scientific discovery or technological innovation impact our daily lives.